Zoom’s focus mode could keep students from distracting others


Zoom’s a new Focus mode, keep students from getting distracted while in a virtual classroom, while still allowing the teacher to keep an eye on everybody. Focus mode will make it so that a meeting’s participants won’t be able to see each other’s videos or screen shares, while the host is still able to see everyone’s webcams. It provides some of the control found in Webinar mode.
This feature comes as the new school year approaches in many districts, and as the threat of COVID-19 remains serious. It seems likely that virtual classrooms are going to be sticking around for some, so it’s good that Zoom is adding features to improve tele-learning.
For one, participants will still see their own video, as well as any videos or screen shares that are spotlighted by the host. They’ll also be able to see the names of the other participants, as well as any emoji reactions. After turning it on for your account the feature can be accessed by clicking the More button while in a meeting.


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