Zoom Update Lets You React With More Emojis, Brings Leak Pen Tool

Zoom Update Lets You React With More Emojis, Brings Leak Pen Tool

The latest Zoom update will provide more screen annotations for Zoom meetings and Zoom video webinars, new hardware solutions for Zoom Rooms, extended management capabilities for Zoom Chat, and a streamlined mass communication solution for Zoom Phone. Along with this, the video chat service has also acquired a few other features like more emojis and the Vanishing Pen annotation tool. It also fixed some reported issues. Zoom has grown in popularity as a video chat service since the coronavirus-induced pandemic restricted everyone to their homes in 2020.

Zoom announced its latest update in a blog post on April 20. It details all the new features that Zoom will get in the latest update. The full changelog can be found here. New emoji reactions have been added and will now be available in Zoom’s emoji library. Users can also select the skin tone of the emoji. For larger accounts, the meeting host or administrator will need to allow access to all emoji reactions or it can be limited to the standard set of six emojis.

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With leak pen annotation, users can now add highlights or annotate items on the screen without having to undo or erase them. Using the Leak Pen tool, the annotations will automatically disappear after a while. This feature is available for Zoom meetings and Zoom video webinars on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Other new features include the Auto Shapes Whiteboard feature on Android and iOS apps. It will automatically correct user annotations on mobile devices based on their intended shapes. The company also said its Zoom Phone customers can trigger and receive mass notifications using Singlewire Software’s InformaCast that will notify them of impending crises that may affect their well-being.

Recently, Facebook added support for Zoom to its TV portal. This will allow users to take their Zoom calls while sitting on their sofa. Zoom account owners and administrators can also add a user’s manager to appear on their employee profiles.