Zoom acquires Kites For building real-time translation


Zoom acquires Kites, which has worked on creating real-time translation and transcription software. “Kites’ talented team of 12 researchers will help Zoom’s engineering team advance the field of [machine translation] to improve meeting productivity and efficiency by providing multilingual translation capabilities to users of Zoom, “the company said in a statement.

The deal appears to be an acquisition as the company adds these 12 researchers to the Zoom engineering group. He intends to leave the team in place in Germany with plans to build a machine learning translation R&D center with additional hires over time as the company invests more resources in this area. 

“The Kites mission is to break down language barriers and make seamless cross-language interaction a reality of everyday life,” the LinkedIn overview stated. It claims to be among a handful of companies, including Google and Microsoft, to have developed “leading speech recognition and translation technologies,” which would suggest that Zoom has acquired some key technologies.