Women’s Safety Now at the Heart of Tinder


Tinder, the most popular dating app in the world, has made keeping women safe a priority. The technology company is beginning a collaboration with the anti-domestic-violence organisation No More.

“Our safety work is never done,” Tinder’s first female chief executive, Renate Nyborg, tells BBC News. But charity End Violence Against Women says it is only a “small step” in addressing the disproportionate amount of abuse women experienced online. Tinder has faced scrutiny over abusive interactions on the service, with concerns dating apps are attracting sexual predators.

Rape threats

End Violence Against Women coalition director Andrea Simon says it is essential dating apps such as Tinder take proactive action to address abuse.

“Dating apps are a really popular way for people to meet each other,” she says, “but there is also a really worrying side to the way perpetrators are exploiting this to meet potential victims, resulting in a reported increase in rapes of women using dating apps. “Tinder’s new safety features are a small step to encourage reporting of harassment but do not go far enough to address abuse like rape threats.


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