Windows 11 Now Official: Free Upgradation


Windows 11 is now official. Windows 11 removes elements including the annoying “Hi Cortana” welcome screen and Live Tiles.


  1. It starts with a fresh setup screen and continues to give a fresh look and feel across all core Windows elements.
  2. You’ll also see the Start menu at the centre that is aimed at providing a modern experience.
  3. There is also a dedicated search button next to the Start menu to let users search across apps and preloaded functions on the latest Windows platform.
  4. There are subtle changes in terms of gestures as well. Additionally, you’ll get new themes, some new wallpapers, and an improved dark mode.
  5. You’re provided with the options to rearrange widgets or resize them — as per your preference. You can also add or remove your widgets that can help you receive the latest news or weather updates.
  6. For an enhanced multitasking experience, the maximize button now lets you split the active screens between multiple areas of the desktop.
  7. Once accessed, Windows 11 also remembers your selected Snap Layout for multiple windows and keep them ready along with the apps you were working on there for future access directly from the taskbar. Groups created by Snap Layouts that can be used for future access are called Snap Groups.
  8. Windows 11 also comes with an improved touch keyboard that includes GIFs integration from Tenor. There are also preloaded virtual keyboards that can be placed anywhere on the screen.
  9.  There are also options such as voice typing and voice commands to ease your typing.
  10. The new operating system also includes gesture writing support, which has become quite common on mobile devices. Haptic feedback has additionally been added when using a stylus pen.
  11. Windows 11 also improves the experience for people using multiple monitors.
  12. Microsoft has also integrated its collaboration platform Teams within Windows 11 and added a universal mute and unmute functionality to help people make virtual calls with ease.
  13. Windows 11 has a handful of significant changes for PC gamers. These include support for Auto HDR and DirectX 12 Ultimate. Windows 11 also includes an xCloud integration to enable cloud gaming.
  14. The company has additionally introduced a new economic approach, called zero-revenue share, in which it will allow developers to provide their apps through Microsoft Store without taking any commission.
  15. Windows 11 has also included various behind-the-scenes updates to deliver overall a faster experience. Microsoft claimed that the new operating system will receive 40 percent smaller Windows updates and those will run in the background to provide a seamless experience to users at the front end.
  16. Windows 11 require at least 64-bit x86 or ARM processor, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Windows 10, required at least 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Free Upgradation

Microsoft said that it will roll out an early build of Window 11 to the Windows Insider Program next week and the free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 personal computers and desktops this holiday and continuing into 2022. Microsoft said that Windows users can download Microsoft’s PC Health Check app on their personal computers and desktops to know if their devices are eligible for the Windows 11 update.