Why ‘Your electricity will be disconnected…’: Scammers are trying to lure unsuspecting victims


Many users have been receiving messages on WhatsApp and via SMS from unknown numbers which claim that the user’s electricity, telephone or other connections will be disconnected unless they contact a certain number.

“Using SMS messages as an attack vector may seem rudimentary, but as with email phishing, it is still alarmingly effective,” Sundar Balasubramanian, Managing Director of India and SAARC Region, Check Point Software Technologies, told indianexpress.com.

“This method has proven particularly successful as after a single device is compromised, the entire contact list is ready to be taken over, creating an endless circle of potential victims,” Balsubramanian added. Check Point Software, an American-Israeli IT security company, has noted a continuing increase in “SMS” or “SMS phishing” campaigns.

Balasubramanian recommends users to be careful when downloading apps, and to make sure they only download apps from Google and Apple stores. Also, mobile users should avoid downloading or clicking on unknown links that come in emails, SMS messages, or through other messaging apps.


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