WhatsApp will soon rollout a self-chat feature.


WhatsApp is reportedly testing a self-messaging feature that would allow you to send messages to yourself more easily. The feature is currently available to iOS and Android WhatsApp beta users.

These new features include

  • Profile photo in group chats
  • Forwarding media with caption
  • in-built blur tool

Although the exact rollout timeline of these features remains unclear. Messaging to your own mobile number was always possible, but there was no dedicated chat window that was available for the same on the contact list. Users even created groups with a single participant to take notes or send media files. But with the new update, when you open WhatsApp chat of your own number, the app will highlight your personal chat box by adding ‘Message yourself’ as the chat caption. Additionally, your phone number will also be visible on WhatsApp’s contact list for easier access.

WhatsApp has also started the beta testing ability to forward media with caption features.

  • The new update will allow users to forward images, videos, GIFs, and documents, with a caption.
  • Until now, we were only able to forward the media and had to rewrite the text attached to it.

But soon this hassle will be eliminated. The feature is currently available for beta testers for WhatsApp for Android users.


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