WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Filter Unread Chats


WhatsApp has a lot of features and the platform continues to bring more on a consistent basis.

New Features

  • WhatsApp Desktop Beta app version 2.2221.0 offers users the ability to filter the unread chats. The feature works effectively by clicking the filter button at the top right of the window.
  • You also have the option to clear the filter if you don̵e. WhatsApp has brought features that people didn’t feel they needed, but eventually, it worked out great. Having the option to filter unread chats could be one of those for the messaging app.
  • The other feature WhatsApp seems to be testing right now is the option to show the results of the group poll you’ve created and shared with others. Available in iOS beta version, this tool promises to provide you with details about survey results such as: B. which article won the most votes and by what percentage it won.
  • WhatsApp will also have a top options tag that will basically show you the winning poll option.
  • WhatsApp Group Poll is in beta itself, so we cannot say when the main feature along with the poll results option will be available to the end users.


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