WhatsApp Starts Testing Edit Message Feature Once Again


WhatsApp is testing its own edit message feature that could be rolled out to beta users in the coming months. The Meta-owned instant-messaging app has been working on new features for quite some time. Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to react to messages with five stock emoji reactions. Now, it is testing skin tones for these reactions – with plans to add many more reactions in the near-future.

Editing a message will be obviously different from deleting it. While deleting a message erases it completely leaving you, then, to type a new message from scratch, editing will be a simpler option for when you’re simply looking to add more context or simply change the wording or the intended message behind it on the fly. Usually, such edit options are time-bound –much like deleting a text—which is to say you can only update your sent message withing a certain time frame. The said duration remains a mystery for now in case of WhatsApp’s new feature. Also, it remains to be seen, if WhatsApp would allow the recipient to know as and when the sender has updated a text. There should be an upper limit to how many times one can edit, too, which is again unknown at this point of time.

WhatsApp is building the edit message feature so that you can fix any typos after sending the message. Truth be told, many people make such mistakes, and small typos lead to the user sending another message but with a * sign above it to mark it as an addition or an error to the previous chat. WhatsApp bringing the edit feature is a welcome move, and we are sure that most of you will relish having that option, especially in the era of chat typos.


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