WhatsApp security tips that you must know to stay safe


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant communication tools in the world.  Here are some WhatsApp tips to further protect your personal messages and files.

  • Two-step verification: Enabling two-step verification for your WhatsApp account is one of the best things you can do to improve your privacy. This is also one of the easiest steps as all you have to do is enable this built-in feature and get an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized logins. To do this, navigate to WhatsApp Settings/Account/2-Step Verification and click on the “Activate” button. You’ll be asked to enter a six-digit unique PIN, which comes in handy when you’re about to switch to a new device. Nobody can access your account without this six-digit PIN.
  • Unknown Links: However, you can avoid going to potentially malicious web pages by checking the link you just received. You can do this by long pressing it to copy it (be careful, if you don’t press long enough, you will end up opening the link in a browser window). Once copied, you can paste it into any link checking site like ScanURL, PhishTank, Norton Safe Web, and others.
  • Activate security notifications: WhatsApp security notifications let users know when their conversations are at risk of being hacked. WhatsApp applies end-to-end encryption between two connected devices. If one of these two accounts is moved to a new device, a quick alert is sent to all chats announcing the change. So, if your WhatsApp account is hacked and you log into it from somewhere else, your contacts will know if the feature is turned on or not. To turn on security notifications, go to WhatsApp Settings/Account/Security and turn on the security notifications toggle.
  • Log out of an old phone ASAP if you lose it: If you have lost your smartphone with the SIM card inside, recovering your phone itself can be very difficult. However, if you just want to block access to WhatsApp on the old phone, you can quickly get a duplicate SIM and insert it into a new/backup phone. Download WhatsApp on this new phone and sign in to it with your new SIM card for one time. Signing in to your account from this new device will immediately sign you out of your old phone.
  • Use a different profile picture: Did you know that people can learn a lot of details about you just by getting your profile picture? If your WhatsApp profile picture is the same as other platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, then all someone needs to do is download or take your WhatsApp profile picture and search it backwards via Google Photos.  All you have to do is to hide your profile picture from the unsaved numbers, which you can do by going to WhatsApp Settings/Account/Privacy/Profile Picture and switching the option to “My Contacts”.
  • Hide WhatsApp media from gallery: You can prevent WhatsApp images, GIFs, and videos from appearing in your phone gallery by hiding them. To do this, just go to WhatsApp Settings / Chats / Media Visibility and toggle off the toggle.
  • Log out of WhatsApp Web when not in use: WhatsApp Web is very easy to use, especially if you need WhatsApp to coordinate with colleagues and assistants in your desktop or laptop. However, you also risk leaving your WhatsApp data exposed to anyone else who may use that computer. This is because unlike the WhatsApp app on your phone, WhatsApp Web directly logs you in every time you open the browser.

To prevent this, simply log out of WhatsApp Web from a public office or PC when it has not been used there for a long time. You can also use the WhatsApp Web notification on your phone to check when WhatsApp Web is active on your PC.




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