WhatsApp Now Supports Group Voice Calls With Up to 32 Participants


WhatsApp is rolling out the support for 32 participants in a group voice call. Along with the large group calls, the instant messaging platform is also adding an updated design for voice message bubbles and other improvements. Keep reading to know more about the new WhatsApp feature. Previously, the maximum number of users that could participate in a WhatsApp voice call was eight. Now, with the new update in place, up to 32 users will be able to participate in a single voice call.

The update notes for WhatsApp read “group voice calls now support up to 32 participants, and include an updated interface with a social audio layout, speaker highlight and waveforms.” Apart from this, the platform has updated designs for voice message bubbles and information screens for contacts and groups. Although, it is not clear whether the feature has been rolled out to Android devices as well. WhatsApp has announced Communities, a group-related feature that has been in development for months. Although the feature will not be immediately available to all users, WhatsApp will roll it out slowly. In a nutshell, the communities feature will allow WhatsApp users to club multiple group chats at one place, hence forming a community of multiple groups with a similar purpose. Keep reading to know more about WhatsApp Communities.

  • WhatsApp Voice Calls have many benefits, most important being HD audio quality and free of cost. Of course, users will need internet connectivity for it to work.
  • To start a voice call, users will need to go to contact and press the call icon. On the other hand, to start a group voice call, open the Call tab at the bottom > Select the Plus symbol at the top > Start Group Call.
  • WhatsApp’s parent company Meta recently announced that it would add more features such as shares files with size of up to 2GB.
  • At present, the size of each file to be exchanged among the users should not exceed 1 GB. WhatsApp will also allow the administrator of a chat group to delete messages anytime. The deleted conversation will not be visible to any group members.
  • WhatsApp will also provide an option of creating communities under which all groups representing a set of communities like school, residential society, friends at various places can be organised.


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