WhatsApp Might Soon Block Screenshots for View Once Images and Videos


WhatsApp last year added a new feature dubbed “View Once” that enables users to communicate photographs and videos that vanish after being viewed. This function is now being expanded upon by the platform, which also offers WhatsApp Premium, an optional subscription for business customers, and this time around, blocks snapshots and screen recordings for “View Once” images and videos.

The new feature is available for users running WhatsApp beta (build 405622068). It’s worth noting that there’s no way to disable the new privacy option, which will become a standard for WhatsApp users once it becomes available for everyone. 9to5Mac got to try out the new feature and it does work as expected.

Screenshot Blocking for View Once Images and Videos

To a select group of beta testers who download the app from the Play Store, this feature is now being rolled out. The image or video that was intended to be watched only once might previously be screenshot by users. But as of right now, for some people, the screenshot is black and for others, taking one is impossible. It’s noteworthy to note that even if you use a third-party plugin, the image will still appear black, a website known for reporting new features in WhatsApp beta releases, pointed out.

A notification stating that the screenshot attempt was “blocked for added privacy” is now displayed by WhatsApp whenever someone tries to snap one while viewing “View Once” media. In order to protect the person who supplied the screenshot or video, the final snapshot or screen recording will additionally display this alert rather than the actual content.

This is excellent news for those who use Whatapp to send sensitive material and only want the recipient to see the video or image once. Additionally, the developers are continually striving to enhance the functionality, so any exploits that are discov



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