WhatsApp may soon allow you to link single account with multiple smartphones


WhatsApp will reportedly name the new feature as a companion device, asking users to “register the device as companion”. This will allow you to use the same account on a different phone by scanning a QR code using your primary phone. The screen shows instructions to the users on how to connect a secondary device to their account.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap menu or settings and select Linked Devices.
  • Point your phone to this screen and scan the code.

This feature will also allow you to install the app on your Android tablet and use your WhatsApp account from the tablet as a secondary device. At the moment, it’s not clear when the feature will be released to users.

Earlier this month, a report had revealed that WhatsApp is working on a subscription plan for WhatsApp Business users that will allow them to connect their WhatsApp account with up to 10 devices.


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