WhatsApp likely to receive ‘login approval’ feature.


WhatsApp now being widely used in things like office communication, group video calls and even payments, the security of the popular app is more important than ever. To better this, it seems the developers are working on a new feature called ‘login approval’ that will increase the platform’s security.

“When someone else is trying to log into your WhatsApp account, you will have to accept the login request by approving it. So people will finally be able to deny a login request if someone is trying to log into their account because they wrongly shared their 6-digit code. In addition, this special security alert also reports some other useful details, such as the time and other information about the other phone,” the website says.

Users of WhatsApp will get in-app notifications whenever someone tries to enter into their accounts, according to a WABetaInfo report. This is comparable to other platforms controlled by Meta, such as Facebook and Instagram. The popup will provide details such as the time someone attempted to access your account and maybe the make or model of the device making the attempt. Those who often transfer between gadgets will find it safer as a result. When compared to the conventional authorisation technique, which calls for users to input OTP, it is also quicker and useful if your primary device is not around.

Hackers will have a difficult time accessing your conversations without your permission when the login approval function is combined with the two verification code system. Our best assumption is that it may take some time before it is made available to the general public because WhatsApp engineers did not provide a specific release date. Make sure you are a part of WhatsApp’s beta channel if you want to test it out.


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