WhatsApp issues eye-catching multi-layer lock privacy ad


WhatsApp is trying to send out a clear message to Indian consumers through newspapers on its interlocking layers of protection that offer more privacy and control over personal conversations while using the app.

WhatsApp’s five basic features: End-to-Encryption, Online Presence, Leave Groups Silently, Two-step Verification and Block and Report. 

It mainly focuses on the built-in layers of privacy protections, along with the three newly added features:

  • leaving groups silently
  • controlling who can see when you are online
  • screenshot blocking for view once messages

WhatsApp introduced privacy features such as how a user can prevent a user from taking screenshots of a picture or video with the help of the pre-existing view-once feature, leaving groups silent and controlling who can see when they are online.

  • A user can leave groups without notifying other group members. The feature was introduced at the end of August.
  • Blocking of screenshot with the view once messages are displayed.
  • Experts and users have rated the View Once feature as a powerful feature to share multimedia without a permanent digital record.
  • WhatsApp has introduced screenshot blocking for view once messages, which will add to the security of the user.

User privacy is a big issue in most countries, and almost big tech companies and social media platforms, such as WhatsAppFacebook and Twitter, have been criticized for breaching user privacy. India and the UK are trying to introduce new technological legislations to protect user data and privacy.



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