WhatsApp is rolling out a new ETA feature for beta users


Meta-owned WhatsApp is likely now releasing a feature that lets us understand when a document is fully downloaded on our devices or uploaded to their servers. The latest versions of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, Web and Desktop bring the ability to view the estimated time of arrival when sharing documents, so when the document will be completely downloaded on your phone or Desktop.

The same information is also shown when uploading a document. The feature has been already released on WhatsApp Desktop last month, and this information has been rolled out to some beta testers on Android and iOS this week.


  • This feature will be useful when you are sharing big files or documents or videos with your friends and family members.
  • The feature is currently only available for those who are using iOS, Android, and desktop beta version of WhatsApp.
  • People who have signed up for the app’s beta program will immediately notice the change as the platform has already started releasing this feature.
  • WhatsApp is also working on one of the most important features and that is a 2GB file sharing limit. This is a much-needed feature as other platforms like Telegram already offer this to users.
  • The new file-sharing limit feature is still in the testing phase and it is currently unknown as to when this will be released. The current file sharing limit is up to 100MB.
  • Besides, the messaging platform is also working on a feature that allows you to choose photo upload quality. The app will give users three options, such as Auto, Best quality, and Data Saver.
  • All three are self-explanatory. This will be yet another useful feature that WhatsApp is planning to offer users in the feature.
  • One can currently test this only in the beta version. In case you are unaware, WhatsApp automatically compresses the file size when you share it with anyone. This degrades the quality of the images and videos.


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