WhatsApp introduces joinable group calls, drop off and rejoin


WhatsApp users will now be able to see the calls that were missed and are still going on. They will also be able to see who all are on the call and who haven’t joined it yet. Reachable calls reduce the burden of answering a group call early on and bring the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to group calls on WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company said in a blog post.

In order to provide more details of the ongoing calls, the company has also created a call info screen. This screen will display who is already on the call, and who has been invited but not yet joined. And, if you hit ‘ignore’ you can join later from the calls tab in WhatsApp. The new update will come with a new WhatsApp update that should hit all Android and ios devices soon. You can also look at the active participants of the call from the call info screen instead of getting their details after joining the call. Furthermore, the call info screen has an Ignore button to let you ignore a call and join it later from the Calls tab in WhatsApp.

Users will now see two options when they’re invited to a group call – ‘Join’ and ‘Ignore’. Hitting Join will take you straight to the call, while choosing Ignore sends the call to your Calls tab in the app.