WhatsApp could be coming to iPad soon


Will Cathcart confirmed that a dedicated WhatsApp application could be coming to the iPad in the near future. The Head of WhatsApp acknowledged those who have wanted the app for a long time and said he would “love to do it.”

Just like Instagram, WhatsApp for Apple’s tablet has been heavily-requested. In order to use those applications, users had to resort to using their browser versions which are known for their limitations. And although Cathart never committed to a release date for iPad version, WhatsApp already has the underlying technology required to build one.


  • The iPad app would be built upon previously laid foundations. Therefore, they can expect its features to be similar to those in of the desktop version. For example, Theme options such as dark or light mode would be available upon launch, in addition to the option of setting a chat wallpaper.
  • Another feature we expect to see in the iPad version is the disappearing messages feature, and the newly released update for iOS that allows the user to pause their message recordings before sending.
  • With the  beta version of multi-device support in place, users might no longer have to scan a QR-code from their primary mobile device either, and can log in as and when needed.
  • On the other hand, features that are currently available only on Android are not expected to be available on the iPad version. For instance, the payment feature that is only available for Android’s devices will most probably not be included in the iPad version.
  • In addition, the standalone business app might not be available on the App story any time soon.