WhatsApp bans lakhs of accounts in India every month.


WhatsApp bans lakhs of accounts in India every month. Meta-owned instant messaging platform has released its ninth monthly report for the month of February 2022, which states that between February 1 and 28, more than 10 lakh WhatsApp accounts (1.4 million to be specific) were banned. These accounts were possibly banned for being involved in harmful activities on the platform, such as harassing other users, forwarding fake news, and more.

The Meta-owned company has reiterated that it is striving to ensure more transparency to its work and include more information about its endeavours in future reports. Mollifying privacy concerns of its users, WhatsApp had said that being an end-to-end encrypted platform, it has no visibility into the content of any messages.

There are two ways how WhatsApp registers grievances:

  • One is via e-mails sent to grievance_officer_wa@support.whatsapp.com regarding violations of WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, or questions about accounts on WhatsApp, published in the Help Center.
  • Secondly, the mails that are sent to the India Grievance Officer via post.

What to do if your account is banned

WhatsApp might not issue a warning before banning your account. If your account is banned, you’ll see the following message when trying to access WhatsApp: “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” If you feel that there was no reason why your account would be banned on the platform, just send an email to the messaging app to further investigate the issue.


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