What’s your restriction for alts?

Does it extrade from recreation to recreation?


I ask due to the fact for me it looks like 3 lively alts — or perhaps one major and alts — is set as many as I can attention on. In the beyond I performed greater — the detritus of my numerous alts are littered throughout more than one servers — however for the reason that Cataclysm I’ve pulled lower back and I attempt to handiest attention on a few, no greater than six or seven on the absolute most.

How many alts are you able to play and experience in an MMO?

I don’t realize why that is — I see different human beings gambling like twelve or greater alts on a each day foundation and I’m absolutely burdened through this. How do you manipulate it?

What’s worse is, I do higher whilst my alts are all of the equal class. When I play not anything however Warriors, I can perhaps arise to 5 or six alts, however once I play different instructions like my Hunter or my Shaman or my DK, I gradual proper down.

I virtually subsequently commenced being capable of get Paladins to max stage as soon as I commenced gambling multiple of them at a time, that is simply weird.

I don’t realize why that is the case. Perhaps I’m without a doubt now no longer properly at switching mechanics round, or perhaps I’m simply obsessed and I ought to attempt to play greater alts of various instructions, get myself straightened out. I mean, once I became heavy into Star Wars: The Old Republic I performed like six Jedi Guardians. Hey, I had that one Jedi Sage! And 3 Sith Warriors who all went Juggernaut. Yeah, I realize, I actually have a problem.

So what approximately you? How many alts are you able to maintain going at max stage? How frequently do you play them all? Do you don’t forget one your major? Do you favor to unfold your self round distinct instructions, do you attention on a function like DPS or tanking or healing, do you decide on particular races? How do you maintain juggling your alts?


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