What is Robotics and 5 Types of Robots


What is Robotics?

Machines that can replicate or substitute human actions is known as Robotics. With the progress in technology, scope of robotics is also increasing. In automotive factories there are almost 90% of the robots those are assembling cars.

Types of Robots

1. Augmenting Robots

Augmenting Robots
These robots enhance human capabilities or if any human have lost it then it can replace them. Exoskeletons or robotic prosthetic limbs used to lift hefty weights are some of its examples.

2. Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots
The robots which can operate independently of human operators are known as Autonomous Robots. They do tasks which do not require human supervision in an open environment. Roomba vacuum cleaner is an example of it as it has sensors to roam.

3. Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robots
These robots look like humans and mimic their behavior. These can perform human activities and sometimes even look like us. Boston Dynamics Atlas and Hanson Robotics Sophia are the two most prominent examples of it.

4. Pre-Programmed Robots

Pre-Programmed Robots
These robots do simple, monotonous tasks in a controlled environment. A mechanical arm on an automotive assembly line is an example of pre-programmed robot.

5. Teleoperated Robots

Teleoperated Robots
These are mechanical bots which are controlled by humans. Extreme geographical conditions, circumstances, weather, etc. are the environment in which they work. Human-controlled submarines are the examples of it which are used to fix underwater pipe leaks.


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