What is Gene Editing and Its Pros and Cons


What is Gene Editing?

Gene Editing
Deleting, inserting a DNA sequence or replacing of the genetic material of a living organism with the aim of improved crop or animal is known as Gene Editing.

Pros of Gene Editing

The advantages of genome technology are:

1. Extend Lifespan

The human lifespan can be extended by genome editing. There are some diseases and illnesses that can kill us earlier from our expected lifespan. The quality of life can also be improved.

2. Growth in Food Production and Its Quality

Genetic engineering is used to pack food full of nutrients and produce the one that can withstand harsh temperatures. The heavy food demands can also be met by this method. The medicinal value of the food can also be increased and vaccines can be introduced.

3. Pest Resilient Crops

The nutritional challenges faced in agriculture and the pests can be addressed by genome editing. The plant can be protected in healthy ways instead of using insecticides and pesticides.

4. Tackling and Defeating Diseases

There has been a destruction in the world due to deadly and severe diseases. The genetic mutations from which humans suffer can be ended by intervening and genetically engineering the next generation.

  • Cancer Therapeutics: Using genetic editing, immunotherapy to treat cancer can be developed. Using CRISPR, T-cells can be modified and cancer cells can be killed.
  • Drug Research: The drug discovery process can speed up using genetic makeup. CRISPR technology is used by some of the drug makers in research and discovery phase.
  • Inherent Diseases: The inherent diseases flowing from parents to offspring can be prevented by genetic editing. Elimination of cystic fibrosis and diabetes can also be done.

Cons of Genetic Editing

With some advantages, genome editing has disadvantages also.

1. Ethical Dilemma

It is said that whatever is inherited naturally is good and diseases are natural. The humans that die prematurely or fall ill is all natural.

2. Safety Concerns

The cellular level changes are safe. Unexpected results may be obtained by a slight change at the smallest level. Complications like miscarriage or premature birth can take place if we experiment with a little life in the womb.


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