What is Artificial Intelligence and Its 4 Types


What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial Intelligence
A branch of computer science that has wide-range and is concerned with building of smart machines requiring human intelligence to perform tasks is known as Artificial Intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

1. Reactive Machines

Reactive Machines
To inform current decisions, these systems don’t require past experience nor they are supposed to form memories. These are purely active systems. An example of it includes Deep Blue.

2. Limited Memory

Limited Memory
The machines that can look into the past are in this category. For example, some self-driving cars can observe the direction and speed of other cars.

3. Theory of Mind

Theory of MindIt is an important divide between the machines we will build in future and the machines we have. It is the understanding of the thoughts of creatures and people in this world.

4. Self-Awareness

Self-AwarenessBuilding up of the systems forming representations about themselves is the final step in AI development. AI researchers have to built machines that have consciousness and not only to understand it.


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