Web 3.0: Why gaming companies are excited about this Web Games?


Web 3.0 is considered to be the next big evolution in the world of the internet. Besides, it could revolutionise games and upgrade the gaming experience for users, as per the industry experts.

“For any game to be fun, they have to be meaningful and you should be able to play the game with or without the blockchain. If you do that, then that’s a fun game. Blockchain enhances the experience by giving your digital ownership and being rewarded for your interactions in the game,” Aakash Mandhar, Vice President of Studio Engineering.


  • However, it is not that these “games” will not see an initial involvement but with many people entering the space for what Mandhar called “speculative reasons,” numbers might rise quite quickly in the short term.
  • “Once there are enough high-quality games out there, then there is going to be a competition around which games are people going to play. At that point, these games will suffer,” he pointed out.
  • Another reason why gaming companies are excited about the prospects of Web 3.0 games in India is that users are now spending more on games and in-game purchases.
  • “The idea that gamers in India are not spenders is changing as of now. All gaming companies are looking at India and the user behaviour is changing,” Dayanidhi MG, CEO of nCore Games said.
  • Moreover, he admitted that the current Web 3.0 titles lack the quality that traditional high-end games offer. “When the Web 3.0 technology emerged, people were taking their games to the market fairly quickly.
  • “If the next generation of games – the AAA quality ones — are going to offer a similar kind of user experience to gamers and in addition to that they provide ownership, then people will not hesitate to invest and then buy those Web 3.0 elements,” he said.

He’s also more hopeful that the change could happen sooner. “Give it a year or two because these (AAA) games really have longer development cycles. As soon as these games are ready, they’re going to offer an experience that is similar to what you’re used to without Web 3.0 elements. But when you have a combination of both, I think that’s going to be something very interesting,” he said.


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