Ways To Survive Without Internet Suddenly


Be it elections, exams, incidents of violence or any other reason, mobile internet shutdown can happen anytime in India and in any city. The common man nowadays has little say in questioning the methods used by governments but the least they can do is stay prepared. Here are some things that you should consider to be prepared in case there’s a sudden internet blackout in your region.

  •  Keeping reserve cash at hand is always a good idea which you can use only when digital payments fail. Remember, during times of crisis, the government can stop UPI payments as well including the *99# service.
  • Keep photos or scan copies of all documents on your smartphone so that it can be accessed without the internet. Don’t rely on Google Drive or Photos always, keep separate backups of important personal data on your smartphone in a secured folder.
  • While travelling, make sure you have photos, screenshots as well physical printouts of documents, tickets, hotel bookings, etc.
  • Download offline maps on Google Maps of your state or the region of your residence.
  • Keeping sufficient balance for calls and SMSes is important if 4G connectivity is taken down and you have to rely on 2G to communicate.
  • Broadband plans are cheap nowadays and you can help more people connect to the internet in times of need.
  • During the age of 2G, we used to happily download songs, movies, games and other content on our hard drives.
  • VPN apps help you protect your privacy and securely access the internet.
  • You can stay connected to people near you by using apps like Bridgefy, FireChat, etc. These apps let you send text messages offline by using Bluetooth.
  • An old 2G handset can be a great asset in times of emergencies to stay connected over calls and SMSes. Also, the battery life of 2G handsets is way more than smartphones any day.



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