Update to Google Chrome 92 immediately to avoid getting hacked


Google Chrome is also facing security flaws, hackers and malicious actors are constantly trying to find ways to circumvent browser security. Now, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has provided advice to users asking them to upgrade their browsers to version 92 immediately. But after the update, tabs now appear in a grid layout allowing several opened sites to be previewed at once without getting obscured.
“The Google update includes security fixes in this release, including Free After Use, Free File System API, Heap Buffer Overflow in Bookmarks, Tablet List Read Limits, Incorrect Security UI, etc.,” the CERT-in advisory states. The agency recently advised Apple iPhone and iPad users to update their phones to the latest version of iOS and iPadOS 14.7 to avoid security flaws that could remotely execute code on their devices.

How to download the Google Chrome update

  • Users and organizations concerned about security can download and install the latest version of Google Chrome on their systems.
  • In Windows, users can go to the top right menu and choose More, then click Update in Google Chrome and restart when finished.
  • On MacOS, users should be up to date automatically, while Linux packages are delivered through the system package manager so that the update command can be run to install the latest version.


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