Twitter’s paid blue tick re-launches after pause.


Twitter’s paid-for verification feature is rolling out once again on 12th December. It was paused last month after being swamped by impersonators. On the web, where Apple’s 30 percent commission on in-app purchases doesn’t apply, the subscription will cost $8 per month, as previously announced.

Here are some features of the subscription service, as announced by the San Francisco-headquartered company:

(1.) Users will get a blue tick indicating their handle is verified; the tick will be given only after the account has been reviewed by Twitter.

(2.) A gold checkmark will replace the ‘official’ label for businesses, and a grey checkmark will replace the label for governments and government organisations.

(3.) Subscribers will also get access to the Edit tweet feature, as well as higher quality video uploads (1,080p), and a ‘reader mode.’

(4.) Users will be able to change their handle, display name or profile photo. However, this would lead to a temporary loss of the blue tick, as the account will again be reviewed.

Those who had a blue tick under the previous regime currently still have them, but now some of these users also have a message which appears if the tick is pressed saying the account is a “legacy verified account” and “may or may not be notable”. However, those check marks will now eventually be replaced with either gold (for businesses) or grey (for others such as authorities) badges, according to Twitter’s own account.

Under the new system, subscribers who change their names or display photos will lose their blue tick until the account has been reviewed by Twitter.


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