Twitter pulled 9to5Mac, XDA developer accounts due to minimum age requirement


Twitter suspended the accounts of 9to5Mac and XDA Developers on Thursday for not meeting the minimum age requirement. The suspension took effect after the publisher changed the date of birth in their account. It was lifted for XDA Developers accounts a few hours after the restriction, although 9to5Mac’s account has not been fully restored at the time of this writing. Interestingly, both accounts are verified by Twitter and carry the iconic Blue badge to set them apart from the masses on the platform.

The incident took place when 9to5Mac’s social media manager Arin Waichulis was promoted to enter a birth date to do Ticketed Spaces — paid audio conversations — on the platform. “Arin updated the birth date of the account to his since Twitter was likely going to ask for a proof of ID,” Weintraub told Gadgets 360.

Seth Weintraub, publisher of 9to5Mac, has twitter use his personal account to report suspended. He shared a screenshot showing a message that reads: “To create a Twitter account, you must be 13 years of age or older. Twitter has determined that you do not meet these age requirements. , so your account has been locked and will be removed from Twitter.” According to Twitter’s age requirements, everyone on the platform must be 13 or older. It also require users delete their previous data if they signed up for an account before the age of 13. Anyhow, the company doesn’t have any specific policies regarding age requirements for organizations.

The company also faced some outrage on the Web for permanently locking users out of their account if they had created them under the age of 13. Back then, Twitter also acknowleged the problem and apologised to the affected users. However, the issue seems to still have been in place and is impacting some publishers — not just individual users.


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