Twitter Official Grey Tick Is Now Seen.


The new tick badge by Twitter has been found on various official Twitter accounts of users. It is displayed with the word ‘Official’ on the recognised Twitter accounts of news sources and public figures in India.

This blue tick change came as the company’s first announcement by new CEO Elon Musk. He repurposed the blue tick and raised the price of Twitter Blue to $8 (approximately Rs. 650) per month.

Blue Tick

Now, Twitter Blue subscribers will also be promoted higher in search results, reply threads and trending topic lists. It will result in the amplification of paid voices. This is hoped to drive the adoption of the premium subscription service.

This even led to a spate of deliberate attempts to impersonate celebrities including Musk, who very quickly said that parody accounts need to be separated as such explicitly in their names, or risk permanent suspension from the platform.

Grey Official Tick

Twitter Official Grey Tick

Now, Twitter has ended up with a solution to this. This comes to be the introduction of a second checkmark with the word ‘Official’. Moreover, the Grey official tick has begun appearing below the account’s handle and name on profile pages and in search results.

However, it is yet not revealed how Twitter will decide which accounts qualify for this badge. It is not even clear whether everyone who was previously eligible for verification will be able to get one.


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