Twitch Suspends An Amazon Prime Video Channel


Twitch suspended the channel belonging to Prime Video España. That’s an official Amazon Prime Video channel. This is the first time that any Amazon channel has had to be suspended from the Amazon-owned streaming platform, and what makes it really interesting is that it doesn’t look like it was a technical hiccup or an administrative error: it appears the punishment is because the channel really did break the rules.

The Esto es un Late hosts were at the end of their weekend stream when one of them – comedian Henar Alvarez – lifted up her shirt partway, apparently joking that it was one way to end the hours-long broadcast. “We’re about to be banned,” she said laughing. “Come on. They’re going to ban us!” The stream then cut to a title card for a moment – but then returned to the live feed a split-second before Ms Alvarez’s breast vanished from view.

The stream quickly ended – but within a few hours, the channel was banned from Twitch.

Temporary suspensions range from one to 30 days. After the suspension is complete, you will be able to use our services once again. We keep a record of past violations, and multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.


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