Turkish scientist turns fly larvae into anti-growing older cloth


The black soldier fly is already in use in various regions from agriculture to puppy food. A Turkish professor hopes it’s going to additionally assist deal with the uncooked cloth scarcity withinside the cosmetics enterprise.

Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu, a dermatology professional from Dokuz Eylül University withinside the western Turkish province of Izmir, has tapped into the insect’s larvae for generating a base for anti-growing older products. The larvae, wealthy in protein and oil, is particularly antibacterial and “cleaning,” she stated, including that it additionally has a “moisturizing” feature. Çalıkoğlu notes that it may additionally be used to heal wounds.

The professor installation a business enterprise at a era park of her university, collectively together along with her husband Dr. Tamer Çalıkoğlu, with the help of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK). There, the couple feeds flies with culmination and greens and extract oil from their larvae. The fly’s waste cloth additionally presents pleasant fertilizer and animal feed, she says.

Çalıkoğlu stated the cosmetics enterprise has been going through a uncooked substances trouble for a protracted time, as present substances had been polluting the surroundings and leaving in the back of a excessive carbon footprint. “We got down to discover a uncooked cloth that could now no longer damage the surroundings and could be sustainable,” she instructed Anadolu Agency (AA) on Friday.

The small “farm” she installation for black soldier flies offers them the best weather situation for mating. “After gathering larvae, we feed them. It is crucial to stick to a appropriate eating regimen for them. We feed them handiest with natural waste and this enables us extract pleasant feed and oil from the larvae,” she explained.

She mentioned that the oil from black soldier flies carries lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid derived from coconuts and palm oil whose extraction harmed the surroundings. “The oil extracted from flies could be very precious, with lauric acid content material equal to acid from different sources. Lauric acid is broadly to be had in breast milk too. Black soldier fly oil additionally carries palmitic acid and linoleic acid,” she stated.

As trial products, the business enterprise synthetic soaps, creams and cream from the oil and Çalıkoğlu stated they have been a hit so far. “Black soldier fly oil equal is offered for as much as 500 euros ($529.27) consistent with liter withinside the world, whilst the fly’s oil may be offered for seventy five euros consistent with liter,” she stated, noting the low value of manufacturing. “It has blessings for our country. Firstly, we don’t need to depend upon imports and secondly, its manufacturing enables the surroundings, because it enables disposal of natural waste. We have already got massive hobby from organizations in France, Azerbaijan and different countries,” she added.


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