‘Top Hit’ feature improves Microsoft Teams’ search functions


Microsoft has stated that the `Top Hits` section will auto-suggest the most relevant results across chats, files, people, and other content stored or shared in the app.


  1. With this feature, you can find what you searched for faster as builds on the AI-enabled search feature which already existed on Teams earlier.
  2. It will be on the lines of a universal search feature.
  3. This feature allowing people to use both their personal and work accounts on the same app on the Windows PC, thus removing the need to toggle between two different types of accounts.
  4. Microsoft has also added new video conferencing features to the platform, like Reporter mode, Standout mode, and Side-by-side modes over the pandemic.
  5. In all these modes the background of the presenter on Microsoft Teams is removed from the presentation and is replaced with either the content that is going to be shown or the picture of the person presenting that particular chunk of content, or both depending on their preference.