Tips to strike a balance between work & personal life during the pandemic


The ongoing pandemic has led to the ‘new normal in terms of every aspect of life. The gap between home and office spaces has shrunk into one. This means looking for alternate ways to look for happiness and ensuring a stable ‘work-life’ balance. Everyone has adjusted to the ‘new normal, but what about mental peace and the need to balance work and personal life? One of the major determinants of a disturbed mind is work pressure and difficulty in striking a balance between work and personal life.

  • Frequent breaks: Working hours at a stretch can result in unwanted fatigue, resulting in lower productivity. It may be challenging to get in the habit at first, but taking shorter breaks at regular intervals can be beneficial. This uniformity in the breaks is also good for health. By taking breaks, one can focus adequately on work.
  • Have fixed working hours: Office work never finishes, but you can certainly make a list of tasks that you must do in one day and log out once done. Do not try to finish everything on the same day. Like said above, prioritise tasks and work accordingly.
  • Have that holiday: Working from home equally merits employees taking their designated holidays and allotted leaves as a healthy mind needs time to refresh and rejuvenate. Think of innovative ways to spend your holidays with your loved ones for a fresh mind. Don’t forget that a healthy and free mind is the best mind to excel at work front.
  • Limit unnecessary distractions: These days, social media apps creep into the time dedicated to working or family affairs. It has happened to the best of us, pick up the phone to make a call, and an Instagram notification grabs attention. It is important to keep social media notifications turned off, especially during work hours, to avoid such a situation.
  • Connect with others. Spend time with others outside your immediate circle. Remember back when we could grab coffee with a colleague and chat about work, social activities, weekend plans, or just about anything else? Many people feel overwhelmed by meetings these days. That’s in part because of what’s missing: small talk. Connections. Reach out to a colleague or someone you haven’t spoken to recently and catch up over a 20-minute virtual coffee break.
  •  Keep moving! It’s said that sitting for four hours without proper movement can shorten our lives by 11 minutes. Hold a “walk and talk” meeting with a team member. Keep your yoga pants on so you can quickly move to the mat when the workday is finished. Engage the family in a pre-dinner dance party or a plank challenge. A standing desk can also help you stay more active even while you’re working.



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