Things You Need If You’re Addicted To Your Phone

19 things you need if you're addicted to your phone

A lot of us—myself included—are guilty of being a little too obsessed with our phones. While it’s important to step away from screens every so often, it’s also completely okay to accept that your smartphone is basically an extension of your arm at this point. To embrace your tech addiction, here are some products from Amazon that you need.

1. This top-rated charging cable

I never knew bad charging cables existed until I bought a $5 one that stopped working less than a week after using it. Instead of settling for the cheapest cord, we recommend this high-quality, yet affordable one from Amazon, which is the best lightning cable we’ve ever tested. Not only does it have great charging capabilities, but its nylon braided casing also makes it durable and it comes in a longer 6-foot option.

2. These trendy blue blight blocking glasses