If you’re thinking it is heart emoji, then you’re wrong. However, it claims the second position in the list of most used emoji of 2021. In fact, according to data from the Unicode Consortium, the slightly smiling face isn’t even in the top 20. It’s down at number 28, sandwiched between “clapping hands” and “flushed face.”
How the ranking of the top 10 emoji has changed, according to Unicode Consortium data.

  • The results show that categories like Face-smiling and Hands were some of the most frequently used emojis.
  • Meanwhile, Plants and Flowers emoji were also very frequently used and dominated the ‘Animals and Nature’ category despite being a smaller sub-group.
  • The ‘bouquet’ is most used in the plant flower category, and the ‘butterfly’ is the most common animal emoji.
  • Unicode notes that the top 200 list contains bigger jumps. The biggest gainers were the ‘birthday cake’ emoji that climbed to the 25th position from its earlier 113.
  • The ‘balloon’ emoji is now in the 48th position from the earlier 139th place, and the ‘pleading face’ emoji is now at the 14th position from the earlier 97th place.
  • It is noteworthy that the coronavirus pandemic has contributed little to the popularisation of emoji microbes, which barely entered the top 500.
  • Only two health-related emojis cracked the top 100 used in 2021 – the hot and woozy faces. Note that at the moment there are only 3,663 emoticons.
  • The top 100 emoji comprise 82 percent of total emoji shares in terms of usage.


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