The truly wireless Earin M-2 earbuds weren’t vaporware after all


The Earin M-2 truly wireless earbuds were supposed to ship in March 2017. Needless to say, they missed that date by a hair — but maybe good things come to those who wait? Twenty months later, the ultralight buds are finally shipping for $249 (roughly £200 or AU$350 converted) a pair.

Not only does Earin claim they’re still the smallest and lightest earbuds on the market — just 4 grams each, the same as Apple AirPods — they’ve now got the ability to summon Google Assistant. Just long-press on the touchpad.

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Also, the company says the earbuds get 4 hours of battery life (an hour more than originally promised), and give you a total of 14 hours when paired with the included magnetic charging and storage case.

And get this: Earin says you won’t need to figure out which one’s the left earbud and which the right before putting them in your ears. They’ll figure that out themselves automatically thanks to their accelerometers.