The Health Benefits of This Smartwatch Are Incredible


The outrageous prices on new gadgets have ripped customers off from big tech companies. This innovative smartwatch is offered by the FitX Pro Watch which is a new startup company. It has not lost its high quality and features.
A small group of people that are experts in health technology are the members of the FitX Pro Watch. To develop the FitX Pro Watch, their engineers combined forces with some of the top watch makers in the world. The benefits of a digital watch, a handsfree headset, fitness band, and health monitor are all combined in the FitX Pro Watch.
FitX Pro Watch
The hardened shell and tempered touchscreen glass won’t break or scratch during extreme workouts and outdoor sports. The watch has all the basic functions that a good smartwatch must have like show incoming messages, sleep monitoring, step counter, take calls, etc. and much more.
The innovative green laser in this smartwatch is the secret as it helps calculate your beats per minute (BPM), measure your blood oxygen level (SpO2), blood pressure, heart rate. Heart disease and high blood pressure is one of the leading cause of death for adults in the India. You can monitor your heart rate and overall health with the FitX Pro Watch.
The potentially lifesaving functions of the FitX Pro Watch include:

  • 380MAH Li-ion Battery – Less annoying, long life, super-efficient recharges
  • Anti-Lost – From your FitX Pro Watch, call your lost phone to find it fast
  • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate – 24/7 health monitoring is priceless
  • Calorie Counter – Your eating habits and chances of losing weight are improved
  • Control Your Music – To change track and volume, it is the easiest way
  • Great Styling – It is a real man’s smartwatch, with classic male and strong styling
  • IP68 Water Resistant – Can wear yours in the shower or pool workouts
  • Sedentary Warning – Tells you when to move more and sit less
  • Sleep Manager – At the optimum time, get woke up and go to bed
  • State-of-the-art Fitness Tracking – You can get fit by recording your workouts
  • Step Counter – Lose weight fast by setting goals and hitting them
  • Sync to Both iPhone And Android – Supports both IOS and Android
  • Take a Photo – You can use this watch to take a photo on your smartphone
  • Take Calls and Notifications – Allows to keep your phone safe in the pocket

… and even more!


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