The craziest tech announced so far this year


CES is the world’s largest global technology show and also the place where the quirkiest technological innovations are unveiled.

Latest Innovations

  • A colour-changing car was something straight out of a spy movie until last year. However, BMW’s new iX Flow car does exactly that. The car is capable of changing its colour completely from black to white and vice versa thanks to something called shade-changing ink.
  •  3D holograms inside Iron Man’s helmet from the Marvel movies, but on the dashboard of your car! The Imuzak 3-D Steering-Wheel display is a display system that lets drivers see all kinds of 3D pop-ups on their dashboard for nearby ATMs, restrooms, and more.
  • The Noveto N1 headphones are actually not placed on your head but flat on your desk like a mini soundbar. The device then emits audio straight to your ears without any wires or other material in between.
  • The Fluigent OMI is an automated human organ modelling platform that “emulates biology through organ-on-chip to predict the human response,” allowing drugs to be tested in a 15x8cm box instead of animals or humans. A step forward in microfluidics, the technology can recreate living conditions and carry out DNA or Pathogen testing with reduced duration and overall costs.
  • The John Deere autonomous tractor is one of the two autonomous vehicles we spotted. The John Deere 8R tractor now gets cameras, other technology to allow it to navigate around a field on its own while farmers can control the same via a smartphone app.
  • Samsung has invented a remote that doesn’t need replaceable batteries. No more running down to the store at the eleventh hour for new batteries ahead of a match or movie you’d been waiting for. No, it isn’t solar-powered; Samsung already had that before.