Telegram Premium plan said to offer exclusive stickers, emojis


Telegram recently rolled out its version 8.7.2 beta for iOS, which included a new range of reaction emoji and stickers. Premium stickers and emoji will only be available to those who have registered for the Telegram Premium service. This feature will be blocked from free users, and they will be prompted to unlock them by signing up for the Telegram Premium subscription. Some details remain shrouded in mystery, such as the price, availability, and list of services.

There is no indication as to when and if this feature will be available on Android. According to the findings of the Telegram beta channel, premium stickers will not be visible to free users in conversations on the platform. Instead, they’ll see a banner asking them to “unlock additional responses by subscribing to Telegram Premium.”

In addition, Telegram recently rolled out a few more features in the second spring update of this year, including a custom notification tone, setting custom durations to mute chats or auto-delete messages, and improved forwarding. Keeps the answers safe. Through these features, all users can send and receive animated emoji along with new animations. Another key feature is the capability of bots which will allow developers to provide a website-like experience through the instant messaging app.


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