Teenage Engineering’s latest audio device invites you to turn its knobs


Teenage Engineering, the company behind ultra-chic mix And Amplifiers And computer cases, released a new audio instrument: called the TX-6, a small field mixer (in size, not price) perfectly adorned with knobs. In addition to allowing you to mix audio together from six stereo inputs and output them to a computer, amplifier, or both, in true teen engineering, the TX-6 can also serve as a primary synthesizer, drum sequencer USB-C audio interface.

If you can tear your eyes away from the knobs, the rest of the controls are also absolutely mint. You’ve got fader sliders, a bevy of buttons, as well as a combo button / knob for navigating menus — be still my heart. There are also LED volume meters, with controllable brightness.

In terms of I/O, the TX-6 has those six audio jacks for input (Apple could never), and three output jacks; two are 3.5 mm for aux and cue out, and the main output is 6.35 mm, or a quarter-inch. It’s also got a built-in battery, which Teenage Engineering says is good for around eight hours of use, and charges via the USB-C port that also handles connecting the TX-6 to your device. That can be a computer or an iPhone / iPad, if you’ve got an appropriate cable or adapter. Again, all of this, plus those delicious knobs, are packed into something that has an absolutely tiny package.

Speaking of maxing out, let’s talk about price. The TX-6 – Deep Breath Now – costs $1,199. This is for the actual unit itself, along with a 3.5mm main-output adapter and a USB-C cable. Additional cables, such as a 3.5mm RCA adapter or dual TS adapter, will cost $10 or $15.


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