Spotify’s Featured Curator pilot highlights user-made playlists


Spotify is testing a new “Featured Curators” feature that promotes popular user playlists alongside its official Spotify playlists.


  • The new feature is part of a limited-time test that is designed to amplify the playlists that users create on Spotify. The feature is also a way for listeners to discover more music on the platform.
  • As Spotify notes, the Featured Curators section doesn’t include playlists from just any users; the platform selected curators based on their followings and playlist popularity as well as whether they tell “unique stories through playlists” or create “authentic connections” with listeners.
  • The algorithms powering Spotify’s Made for You playlists can only go so far when it comes to guessing my varied taste in music, and its in-house playlists are limiting when trying to discover new artists. It’s nice that Spotify is making an effort to highlight users’ creations, rather than tucking them away in search results.
  • The new feature should make it easier it to discover the numerous popular user-generated playlists on the platform. With this new test, Spotify notes that it’s experimenting with taking playlist creation and discovery even further following its successful launches of flagship playlists like Discovery Weekly.
  • The feature currently allows two Spotify users to see where their musical tastes overlap by mixing together their favorite songs to find those they have in common.


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