Spotify Hi-Fi Is Coming Soon


Spotify user who had recently ditched the service for Apple Music claims they got a survey teasing a new plan–“Spotify Platinum”–that boasts HiFi, among other features. Spotify seemingly is going to charge a premium for its service. The survey leaked this week talks about three Spotify plans, which include Spotify Free, Personal and Platinum. Now, the first two are familiar to most of us, while Platinum is new to the platform, and its pricing is higher than what Spotify users have been paying for all these years.


  • The Spotify Hi-Fi or Platinum plan has been listed with a price of $19.99 (Rs 1600 approx) per month, which as per the details shared has a lot of new features which the platform thinks merits a higher price tag.
  • Spotify Platinum will offer its content in Hi-Fi quality, which we are hoping includes the Podcast along with the music catalogue as well. This plan will also give users features like Audio Insights, Headphone Tuner, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and Studio Sound.
  • It is likely that Spotify will add more features here, so we just have to wait for the real thing to show up officially, which could happen in the coming months.
  • Now, coming to the reality of Apple giving its users lossless music on Apple Music, and Amazon doing the same with Prime Music. Spotify’s plans in the segment have been going on for a while, but it has seemingly delayed the launch for its consumers.
  • This unreleased plan could be an interesting addition, especially if Spotify can meet the demands for which it is going to charge a premium. Now, we expect the plan to be priced differently in markets like India, possibly closer to Rs 500 going by the usual pricing standards.


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