Sony will keep selling PSP games on PS3 and PS Vita stores


The PlayStation Store will close for PSP next week, but its digital game library won’t go away. Sony will continue to sell PSP games through the PS3 and Vita stores.

The PSP game store closed in 2016, but you can still get games for the console through the PS3 and PS Vita stores. Now that these storefronts are not closed, you will still be able to download PSP games through them, although there are some limitations going forward. As of July 6, you will no longer be able to search for games on the PSP itself or make in-game purchases.

Compared to Microsoft, which uses multi-generation backward compatibility as a major selling point for the Xbox Series X, playing older games on Sony consoles can often be a bit more complicated than just inserting an old disc. The Playstation 5 currently plays most of the Playstation 4 games, but if you want to play older generation games on Sony’s latest console, you will need to subscribe to Playstation Now, which allows you to play Playstation 3 games and Playstation 2 streaming from the cloud, or buy remakes of the classics at full price.