Simple tips to boost your smartphone’s gaming performance


Who says you need to buy an expensive smartphone to play games? Even many budget-level smartphones can deliver a decent gaming experience. Though this in no way undermines the gaming experience that power packed smartphones offer. As gaming performance depends on internal hardware. But then it is not the only factor. So, here are tips that can help you get the best performance out of your smartphone.

  • ​Turn off all the background apps: Even if your smartphone has a limited amount of RAM, closing background apps can help. As it frees up RAM and can relatively improve gaming performance.
  • Turn off power-saving mode: Power saving mode is meant to save battery life by limiting the resources of the system such as reducing the brightness, clock speed, etc. Ensure it is turned off when you are playing games.

  • Change Refresh Rate: You can change the refresh rate on your device by heading over to the display settings > Advanced > Refresh rate, and then picking the highest one, which in most cases should be 90Hz. If this feels jarring for daily usage, you can turn it off and back on again while gaming.

  • Clear junk: If your phone is loaded with too many files, most of them being unnecessary, it could cause your device to run slow. These files could range from old media files, unused documents, scrap data from uninstalled apps, old update packages, or registry entries upon installing an app. You could clear these by accessing the storage settings on your phone > Free Up Space, and selecting the items you would like to get rid of. Then, hit Free Up in the bottom-right corner.

  • Turn on Force 4x MSAA: The 4x MSAA option is a multi-sampling tool present in most mobile games, striking the right balance between graphics and performance. The edges in-game don’t look polygonal anymore, and you gain framerates the same as you would have if you were playing on the lowest graphical settings. In the settings app, go to About Phone, and tap the Build number repeatedly to unlock the developer interface. You can now head back to the main settings and tap System > Developer options > Force 4x MSAA. Depending on your OS skin, you may have a hard time trying to follow these steps, for which, you could simply type ‘Force 4x MSAA’ in the search bar.

  • Opt for good Wi-Fi connection while gaming: Stable Wi-Fi connection is important for smooth gaming performance. It ensures lag-free gaming.

  • Clear Cache: Clearing a smartphone’s entire cache data can save a lot on the storage front. Enough free storage is important for a smartphone’s smooth operation and hence it results in smooth gaming performance as well.

  • Update your smartphone with the latest software: Smartphone manufacturers often send performance updates with better optimisation of system resources. Installing the latest software will ensure that you have the best possible performance tuning for your smartphone.