‘Secret’ Button On The Back of Google Pixel! Here’s How To Use It


Google Pixel has the feature that allows users to do certain things with a double tap on the back panel. We tried the feature on the new Google Pixel 6a, and it worked quite well. Here’s how to turn it on:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open System settings
  • Tap Gestures
  • Open the first option that says “Quick Tap to start actions”
  • Now, you will see an animation of how to use the feature, a toggle switch, and a few features listed below it.
  • Turn on the toggle switch and select what feature you want to activate with the double tap.

Users can either take a screenshot, open their Google Assistant, Play or pause media, see recent apps, show notifications, and open any other app with the back-tap or Quick Tap To Start Action feature. Like Apple’s iPhone, there is no option to turn on your flash with the backtap feature on the Google Pixel.


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