Scientists Give Drone System ‘Brains’ to Detect Abnormal Behavior


A group of Czech scientists decided to give these drones to the ability to figure out suspicious behaviour. They claim to have developed a surveillance system that analyses drone footage in a way similar to the human brain. They can only transmit the images to their manager who would decide on the action to be taken.
Developed as part of a joint research program between Brno University of Technology and the Czech Republic Police, this new system uses neural networks to decode data. In addition to crowd monitoring and control, it can also be used for traffic management, the scientists said.

How It Works

  1. The drone images are divided into smaller “cells”.
  2. The system analyzes and then establishes a general picture of what is going on.
  3. He then develops a model of standard behavior in the given environment and then compares the anomalies, if any, to be reported to the observer.
  4. During tests, scientists asked the system to observe soccer players on a field. Some of them were then suddenly invited to lie on the ground.
  5. The system immediately alerted the observer to the anomaly.

The big advantage of this system is it learns and executes the programme in real-time, removing the possibility of a loss of crucial time in developing a police response.


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