Samsung unveils new QLED 8K TV

Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled its latest QLED 8K Q950S TV with “Infinity Design” with an almost bezel-less bezel. It runs on Samsung’s quantum AI processor which can run an updated user interface and premium content at 8K resolution, and also has “digital butler” function which allows users to control other non-smart devices. Samsung brought its picture-in-picture function with this new TV and equipped it with AI ScaleNet technology, which can supposedly broadcast “8K quality” content.
Several virtual assistants are supported, including Samsung’s own Bixby, but there is yet no official word on global pricing and availability. Featuring an ultra-slim 15mm design, the TV also comes with an AI quantum processor that combines machine learning and deep learning to improve the scaling function, which changes the quality of image at 8K regardless of the original image quality. Samsung has paid particular attention to details when it comes to audio.  The design of the Q950 harmonizes with any space. Samsung has virtually eliminated the frame around the screen to create a screen-to-body ratio of almost 99%, the highest in the industry. When consumers look at an average viewing distance of ten to fifteen feet, the glasses disappear to create an immersive Infinity screen effect. In addition, the Q950 is only 15 millimeters thick and has a completely flat black, allowing consumers to place the Q950 flush with the wall or display its striking silhouette on a multimedia support.

Revitalize sound performance

Since audio is as important as video when it comes to an immersive streaming experience, the Q950 offers some of the best TV audio on the market. It includes speakers on each side of the screen, as well as woofers on the back to provide virtual 5.1-channel surround sound. Samsung takes this hardware to the next level with special sound features that further enhance sound immersion.

Redefining Picture Quality

The 2020 QLED 8K range reflects Samsung’s commitment to lead the industry in implementing, adopting and reading 8K resolutions. Each Samsung 8K TV shipped today meets the requirements of the 8K Association’s certified test specifications and carries the Ultra HD CTA 8K screen definition logo. To developing the 8K ecosystem, the QLED 8K range helps consumers harness the power of 8K resolution even when watching low-resolution content. In this way, the Q950 sets the gold standard for 8K immersive image quality.


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