Samsung patents a laptop that folds over twice


Samsung has patented a new multi-foldable laptop that folds not once but twice. The patent reveals that the concept works with the user first folding (closing) their laptop like normal and then folding it once again on itself from the center. Samsung had filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in July 2021, for a ‘Multi-foldable electronic device.’ The documents were then approved and released on January 13, 2022.

  • The keyboard portion of the laptop is split through the middle, allowing for a folding hinge to be place there, and the screen makes use of Samsung’s folding OLED expertise to also collapse inwards. As a result, you get a square-shaped piece of high-tech kit that’s much more portable than a regular laptop.
  • At first glance, the diagram resembles any standard laptop, whose lid folds over vertically. But, the screen itself is a flexible one, featuring a crease that runs perpendicularly across the panel, highlighting where the fold is.
  • It suggests that the lower, metallic half of the laptop is foldable as well, with hinges that hold the two halves together. So conceptually, the laptop folds over once normally, then again, vertically – like how one would fold a piece of paper.
  • The company has also included a clip that slides from beneath the laptop and clamps onto the device, once folded. This prevents it from unintentional unfolding. Judging from the diagrams, it is also clear that the space bar key will be divided into two halves, while the trackpad gets shifted to the right-hand side.