Samsung EYELIKE Fundus Camera uses old Galaxy smartphones to detect eye diseases


Samsung to offer help to people on this year’s World Sight Day. Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling program has set a target of screening a total of 150,000 people this time. It will use the EYELIKE™ Fundus Camera for the screening. As part of its Galaxy Upcycling programme, has repurposed older Galaxy smartphones into eye care device that help screen patients in rural India for eye diseases that could potentially lead to blindness.

Eye Disease Detector

  • The brain of the EYELIKE™ Fundus camera turns out to be an old Galaxy Smartphone.
  • This handheld camera captures an image while connected to a lens attachment.
  • It helps in better fundus diagnosis. This Galaxy device utilizes an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyse and diagnose ophthalmic disease images.
  • It connects to an app. That helps capture patient data very accurately. Furthermore, it suggests a treatment course at a fraction of the cost of commercial instruments.
  • This unique and budget-friendly diagnosis camera screens patients for conditions which may cause blindness, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and even age-related macular degeneration.


  • The Galaxy device then utilises AI algorithms and analyses the images to diagnose ophthalmic diseases.
  • The data captured by the phone then sync with the mobile app, which suggests if the patient needs any further treatment.
  • It is portable and brings out high-quality images.
  • This also enables easy identification of the optic nerve, macular and vessels.
  • These benefits have helped patients who belong to rural areas.
  • They don’t have access to ophthalmic health care.
  • The EYELIKE™ platform scans images of the retina. It uses an accurate AI-based algorithm.
  • This is powering the computational capabilities of these phones for detecting diseases.
  • It also detects the retinal images and classifies them as normal or abnormal.

This is an indifferent and new approach by Samsung. Moreover, it is even cost-effective. Samsung is even helping underserved populations of Vietnam, Morocco and Papua New Guinea.


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