Qualcomm will change the name of its upcoming most powerful Processor


Qualcomm has now confirmed that it will switch to a new naming scheme for the upcoming mobile chipsets. The US chipset major said that it will go with a single-digit series and generation number with the newest flagship Snapdragon 8-series platform.
The new system is a cleaner approach than the three-digit system Qualcomm has used since 2012, which combined those series numbers with incrementally increasing second and third digits to reflect each chip’s position within the tiers – the Snapdragon 888 is more powerful than the previous year’s 865, and both are a tier above the 780.
The change has partly been sparked simply because it’s running out of numbers. With chips now including the 888, 780, and 695, it’s clear that Qualcomm no longer has much room to grow in its current system. These numbers have often been supplemented not only by ‘4G’ and ‘5G’ suffixes, but also just the letter ‘G’ to mark chips that have been optimised for gaming and a ‘+’ mark for over-clocked models.
Ice Universe predicted that the upcoming chipset will be called the ‘Snapdragon 8 gen1’, which fits perfectly with the naming format Qualcomm has announced so far.


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